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Terms, Conditions of Sale and Personal Information

To which compliance is enforced when you use the web or receive information related to our products and / or services via our email: info@negociland.com

These conditions will govern the contractual relationship between you and Negociland.com

General disposition

Negociland reserves the right to:

Modify or cancel, temporarily or permanently, the service provided through Negociland.com (or any part of the website) with or without notice.
We are not liable to you or to third parties for such modification or cancellation; And / or if, despite the modification of the Terms and Conditions and / or the Terms of Delivery, you continue to use the service provided through Negociland.com, after such modification, you will be deemed to have agreed to such change. You will be responsible for checking the Conditions on a regular basis to determine if any changes have occurred. If you do not agree to any modification of the Terms and Conditions, you must stop using the Negociland.com service immediately.
In the event that Negociland changes these Conditions, your order will be subject to the Conditions in force on the date and time you placed your order. You can request a copy of the current version of the Conditions via e-mail to the address: info@negociland.com

In case any part of the Terms and Conditions is declared illegal or unenforceable, the affected provision shall be deemed eliminated and the remaining provisions of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions remain in full force and effect.

The purchase agreement entered into between you and our company shall be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute concerning the Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in the courts of the place where your domicile is located.

Terms of use:
By using this Website you accept and agree to the most current version of the Website Terms of Use. If you do not agree with any of the conditions mentioned in this document, you should not use this website reserves the right to modify these Terms .Ud assumes the responsibility of periodically reviewing changes to the site.

Web Content:
We strive that all content on this website is current at the time of publication.
However, we are not responsible for damages to persons and / or damages to property or losses (direct and / or indirect) resulting from the use of this website or the information contained therein, or caused by pursuit contained In links to websites.

Prohibited use
The website can not be used for:
– Illegal targets under Spanish law. If the use takes place outside Spain – according to the
Local legislation.
-Objectives that are harmful, causing offensive danger, detrimental to honor and
Dignity, vulgar, obscene or unacceptable for any reason
-Create, revise, update or modify their own or third-party databases, registries, directories, client lists, mailing lists, lists of e-mail addresses, used for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of their owners
-Control or copy the Website or its contents, whether done mechanically or by automatic means including without limitation (robots), (scripts) and other automatic means
The use of the Website, both in person and by automated means (as defined above) is prohibited in a way that could:
-To lead to the modification of any part of the Website
-Affect its functionality
-interrupt or attempt to interrupt the normal operation of the web page
– Determine the disturbance or deterioration of other users’ access to the website.

Terms of use and personal data

Personal data protection

The personal data collected through the forms in Negociland.com will be incorporated as
Data of exclusive property of Negociland.com. These data will be used with previous express consent through the acceptance of the general conditions of contracting presented, for the communication via electronic mail.
Negociland.com does not give or use personal data in any way without explicit consent of the holders of the same data.

Likewise, this data may NOT be used for commercial proposals of third parties, complementary to the services of this company, provided prior express acceptance of the client and with the objective of proposing a personalized offer

The person in charge of the file is Negociland.com and the clients can exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification or cancellation of their data that the law recognizes, via postal, with autograph signature of the interested party and photocopy of its
National identity document or equivalent document proving their identity.

We will seek to ensure that product information is accurate. However, we do not guarantee the absence of errors in the description and / or price of the products nor the permanent availability of the same when you want to place an order or when you have been informed by us before ordering

All images, illustrations and descriptions of products are included for information purposes only, and you can contact us through the contact page for additional information about the products

Terms of Sale

You can only buy products that are available for order and whose details appear in Negociland.com

Details of the products available for purchase (including their corresponding price) can be modified without prior notice.

While we will try our best to keep the website as up to date as possible, the information you specified at any given time may not reflect the exact situation when you place an order or request related information.

Purchase Orders  and Conclusion of the Purchase Contract:

Once you have selected the products you wish to purchase, the products of the sayings are included in the shopping cart.
You should check if the information that appears on the screen is correct and follow the steps indicated to finalize the purchase.
At the end of the verification process, click on the “order summary” button to access the order summary page where you can identify and correct possible information errors.
At the bottom of the order summary page, click on the “order delivery” button so that we receive a binding order.
Once you have clicked on the “order delivery” button, we will obtain an authorization from the company that sells your credit or debit card for the amount indicated on the order summary page. At this stage of the process, we will not detract funds from your card,
Balance available on your card will be reduced with authorization. This process is the usual procedure that banks follow. If your credit card is not authorized, the order will not be processed.
A part of the automatic communication sends an email confirming the receipt of your order of the products, which is not an automatic acceptance by our part of your order.
You and Negociland.com will have entered into a contract for the sale of the products requested by you once they have sent the Confirmation of Delivery email and, in any case, nevertheless, when you receive the first products.
The contract of sale may be made in the Spanish language. The text of the contract of sale is included in the e-mail of Confirmation of Shipping  and will be stored by us although it is not accessible to the Customer after the conclusion of the contract.
Negociland.com may reject, at its sole discretion, the processing of the order, or any being able to proceed with the processing, in the following cases, without limitation:

When the product requested by you has ceased to be manufactured or not available;
When the entity markets its payment, it does not authorize the operation of the total price indicated for the purchase;
When it does not meet the criteria for the execution of the orders specified at the beginning of this section.

Delivery conditions
The terms of delivery are set forth in this document and in the page “Shipping”
Negociland.com can not be responsible for the delivery of addresses or shipping data presented incorrect by the Customer. We send new, original and in perfect condition. We can not
Take responsibility for possible damages or delays during the transport. For this reason we try to minimize possible problems of this type of realization only shipments certified or urgent.

Overwhelming force

Our company will try by all means at its disposal to fulfill the obligations stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. However, we can not assume any responsibility for possible delays or failures to comply if delays or faults bring the cause of circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, natural disasters, explosions, floods, fires or accidents; Civil war or revolts; Strikes, labor mobilizations or lockout; Any form of government intervention; Acts or omissions of third parties, failure to communicate by the correct delivery address or any change of address, or any default on your part.

We will contact you to report the existence of unforeseen circumstances as soon as possible and we will resume the fulfillment of our obligations as soon as possible.

Applicable laws

The Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use are governed by the laws of Spain. People who choose to access the website from other places will do so on their own initiative and those responsible for compliance with local laws.

Commercial terms applicable to external sellers at Negociland.com

Negociland.com facilitates the possibility for third parties to sell products on the web. In all products offered by third parties appears “sold by” or the name of the user marketplace.Negociland is not responsible for the advertisements of the marketplace sellers although we make the necessary efforts by Control the entire content of the web and offer the best possible experience to users. Negociland does not participate in the purchase contract – sale between customers and users sellers. Negociland facilitates its service as an intermediary between the said users to offer adequate supervision in any situation of incidence between them and resolve the possible disagreements in the best possible way for the two parties.
The seller in the Negociland.com Marketplace is responsible for offering an adequate service of sale, shipping and customer support. Likewise, the seller must offer the necessary guarantees according to the current law and complying with all conditions and terms in Negociland.com
Depending on the method of payment chosen by the customer and the seller (when you receive your payment by Negociland) you may have additional expenses depending on PayPal or the payment platform via card. These expenses are not controllable by negociland.com nor do they depend on Negociland .If your customer pays through Paypal by default all expenses are included in the final price and Negociland does not charge other commissions from the seller. Payments from customers coming from debit or credit card has a cost of 1.4% + 0 , 25 € for all European cards. The final customer does not have additional charges to pay with card and each seller must support this commission determined by the payment platform.
It may be that on Marketplace products offered by third parties it will not be possible to apply special offers and / or discounts for the rest of the products in negociland.com
All items sold by third parties in Negociland must comply with Spanish law. The sale of any illegal, offensive, counterfeit or counterfeit product is prohibited. Negociland collaborates with the corresponding authorities in any case of detection of products mentioned as prohibited for sale in Negociland.com