Teddy bear with the name

Choose the font and the color for the embroidery of the teddy bear

In the field “Order notes” send the name of the child.

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The type of the leters:

Teddy bear name

When we receive your order we will embroider the name as you like. If we see that the type of letter or the color  you like do not much very good we can change them.

About the type of letters for the teddy bear name.
Normally you should avoid the hand type letters if the names start with “I” or “T.

We will personalize the teddy bear with the most similar to your choose letters and color but fitting better to the toy.

About the embroidery colors of the toys
For the colors you can choose any one,but if you like similar to the toy’s wear the name will be not very visible.

If you like the letters and the color exactly as you have ordered,please advise.

The personalized teddies become very fast the children’s favorite toys. Your children will love it and for sure will play a lot and bring it everywhere.