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Personalized rag doll with the Name

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personalized doll

personalized doll with the name embroidery

This type of toys are usually made of rags and fabrics. Traditionally long time ago they were made at home with scraps of cloth, small pieces that are sewn together and filled with a filling. This is the oldest doll type. The British Museum has preserved an ancient Roman rag doll dating from the 3rd century BC.

In the past the girls and the boys were playing with rag toys and rag balls. The face of this type can be painted, embroidered or different objects can be used for the eyes (like buttons.For hair were used threads. Nowadays they are still popular and are made from soft rags and colored fabrics.

It is practically impossible to determine the origin of the toys, but it is known that in the old Roman empire childrens have played with ivory dolls.In Egypt the pharaohs also had small statuettes and little animals.As well in Peru the “preinca” rag dolls have existed.

In its first steps, the toy was handmade and even occasionally it was the children themselves who manufactured them. The industrial revolution took a turn in the manufacture of these amusement artifacts. The evolution of the technology allowed to create objects more similar to the real ones. It was from then on that the children’s fun began to be mediated by the market.