Guarantee and Returns



Our customers receive only authentic,new and in perfect condition watches,checked without any exceptions before shipment. The warranty details can usually be found in the brochure accompanying the product. In Spain, the brand watches are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee . The warranty period can vary but is usually 2 years. For any problem during the warranty or to find out if the brand of your particular watch is included with the Official Technical Service Spain according to your city we provide help link where you can get detailed information .



Please note that a return does not mean repairing technical problems, damage or breakage of parts or crystals. If during the acceptance of the watch it detects any irregularity, lack or damage in the packaging it is essential to write it down and comment it with the courier before signing During the final receipt of the product.Normally when it is visible and exists mutual agreement about the doubtful state

The return is only available to return a product in its perfect conditions. A return does not mean maintenance or technical service of the watch, batteries,strap or any part or piece of the watch. For all maintenance questions you have to consult The brochure, the manufacturer’s web site or the official technical service. The original products are covered by manufacturer’s default warranty (in the case of watches) and if you have questions or problems regarding correct operation, product design or defect In particular you should consult the technical service of the brand to which the watch belongs.

If you are not satisfied with the product you must contact us by email and we will help you with the whole process.
The return of the watches can be accepted in the following cases:

-the product must be in its new condition, without damage or traces of use

-It is acceptable to try the watch but it is not acceptable to wear it

-the watch strap and buckle must be in its original condition, without bending or with signs of use

-the watch must be returned in its original packaging with all labels with which it was delivered, they must be intact and not separated from the product

-The watch has to be returned along with all its warranties and complete documentation


We offer only high quality genuine leather shoes.If there is any problem with your purchase you have up to 30 days to return the product.For the return of the shoes you must notify us and we will assist you throughout the process. Return of footwear is allowed if it is in good condition without signs of daily use.

Plush Toys

Returns are only allowed if the teddy or the doll has no embroidered name.


Backpacks without the name embroidered-the general conditions apply.Machilas with the name embroidered-no returns allowed


In the event that the return is not accepted by the supplier because it understands that the product has been used, these products will be sent to the customer and the corresponding amount will not be refunded. The cost of transportation will be covered by the customer. The expenses related to the return of the product will be obligation of the customer, who must send them safely, with the necessary guarantees so that the returned goods arrive in perfect condition
The conditions for the return of the order that follows are applicable without prejudice of the rights that legally assist you. You can change your opinion and cancel your order during the 30 days counted from the receipt of the products. If your order is applicable for return and you decide to cancel it, we will reimburse you:

A) the full purchase price
B) The expenses related to the shipment and the return of the products are at Customer’s expense.
C) for the return for security reasons we accept only shipments certified or urgent. After receiving the product we will notify you
D) the return can be fulfilled as long as we have returned the products of the order in normal conditions. If you return used products not properly, in bad condition or with modifications (even with signs of modification attempts) we will have the right to charge you the products or establish a mutual agreement of incomplete price of return. The online store in no case is committed to return the full amount or part thereof if there is evidence of misuse or attempted manipulation of the product
E) product change can be made by paying or discounting the difference if there is and paying the return shipping
F) when the return conditions (change) are fulfilled, the repayment time (if applicable) is 7 -14 business days
G) return address: according to the product, it will be indicated in each case
H) The return of your money is made in the same method of payment that used when making the order. For example if the payment is made with Paypal the money is received with the same method of payment. In case of payment by bank transfer is necessary to confirm your bank account of refund.