We offer safe and economic shipments with tracking for all our products. We do not hide other taxes or other taxes, we pay the price indicated in the cart. Our shipments come from Spain and EU.

Order processing
We process orders in 24h (one business day)

Delivery Time
The delivery time usually is between 2 and 8 business days, depending of the order and the ordered product(s):
-Dolls and Soft Toys 2 to 4 days
-Backpacks with Names 2 to 4 days
-Shoes from 6 to 8 days
-Watches from 4 to 8 days
-Footbal Backpacks  6 to 8 days
-Caps-2 to 4 days

In a maximum of 24-48h after processing the shipment you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking data

Order Not Delivered
Your order may not be delivered because the courier has not been able to find you or has left additional notification for delivery

Customs and Import
You will not have to pay any additional expenses for all orders destined to Spain or Europe.
If you have to send an order outside Europe the customs expenses must be indicated by the transport agency at the destination of the shipment and then the package will be released. The exact costs depend on the product, its value and the country of dispatch. Commercial experience we can say that these expenses normally should not exceed 25-35% of the total cost


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